First, we'll tell you what we are NOT about... we aren't going to lead you on a cookie-cutter, photography-in-a-can style photo workshop where the instructor is off taking her own pictures while students are left to their own luck hoping they can capture a good image.

For beginning students, our personalized style of instruction is designed and proven to provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to create memorable photographs, not just "snapshots." We work to be sure you take photos that you will claim proudly!

For intermediate level students, you will expand your thinking and skill sets, so your photographs will reflect a fresh enthusiasm, life and perspective, resulting in images that you only imagined before. Your images will no longer be "pictures" of things, but will tell full, rich stories.

Camera Coaching Series was developed by photographer Robbin Joachim to provide workshops that are designed to be easy-to-understand, information-packed, FUN, and designed to promote creativity for beginners or those with some experience as photographers.

CCS is dedicated to providing quality courses to help you reach your photography goals, whether it's pictures of your children, grandchildren, pets, or vacation.

ROBBIN JOACHIM - Instructor and Executive Director

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Robbin has a tremendous passion for fine art photography, which she has developed over the past 30 years as a photographer. She has attended numerous photography workshops (including National Geographic, Nikon Photography. Florida Professional Photographers), seminars and college courses on photography, and understands first-hand how important basic instruction is to take photographs that are inspirational! She will share her knowledge and techniques in a way you will understand and enjoy.

She has traveled and captured images from around the world, as well as the beauty of people. Robbin's travel photography ranges from locations in Sedona, Cape Cod, the top of Mount Vesuvius, Rome, Venice, Greece, the French Rivera, Croatia, Finland, Denmark to St. Petersburg, Russia, the Far East, just to name a few.

Of all those fabulous and beautiful places in the world, Robbin's greatest joy is taking photographs of life events, capturing the moment, and having others feel an emotional connection to the photograph.